First Loaf

Okay, after that rather depressing last post I figured it was probably worthwhile lifting the mood somewhat.

This past week, I have been recovering slowly but if there is one thing I hate it's being cooped up.  It's a little better at my parent's place since their house is so much larger than my tiny flat, but I still needed to get out and get some fresh air.  For a few days this week, I have done exactly that since my Dad also has to exercise his knee, so a little wander should do us all good.  It was tiring, but definitely good to get out.

Today, however, I was feeling rather tired and opted to stay in, instead taking inspiration from the Great British Bake Off and attempting to make my first loaf of bread.  As with anything I do, I went for the hardest option and attempted Paul Hollywood's Eight-Strand Plaited Loaf.  I got as far as the fifth step of the plait and gave up, as my dough was not really playing ball and the plaiting didn't make a lot of sense!

The result: a single-strand plait!

My first loaf!
It came out quite dense, so I think there was probably some more kneading to do, but it was soft and moist in the centre and went nicely with my Mum's homemade plum jam :-)

Not bad for a first attempt!


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