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Last year was a tough one, in so many ways, and I have yet to be convinced that this year will be better, but we will see.  However, in an effort to find something other than work to fill my time and get some of my previous enjoyment of life back, I have returned to the Centralian Players - admittedly after some encouragement from various quarters.

In 9 days - Thursday, 26 January 2017, to be more specific - I will once again be appearing on stage at Henderson Hall in Abbots Langley, in a never-before-seen production, titled 'Awkward!'.  The script has been penned by our very own Steve Barker and everyone is hoping that it will eventually be published for other groups to perform.

To summarise the plot, think of that moment when your tongue rattled something off before your brain could hold it in check.  Or that situation where you have to converse with someone you have nothing in common with.  Or that moment a piece of clothing let your modesty down.  We've all had them.

Awkward, isn't it.

Now imagine an evening full of them.  It sounds painful, but rehearsals have been the funniest so far and we know how you like a laugh.  We do, no matter how awkward the moment!

Around half the tickets have already been sold for the three nights we are performing (26 - 28 January), so if you want to see an original production at the very reasonable price of £8 (£6 for concessions), and get a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that profits are being donated to the Lynda Jackson MacMillan Centre at Mount Vernon Hospital, then please contact Mrs J Thorpe, stating the evening you wish to attend, the number of tickets needed and the name to hold the tickets under.  No payment is required until your arrival at the box office, so if you are unable to attend, please Cancel your booking so we can reuse them.

Amateur Dramatics is very much a community affair, with people of all skills and abilities taking part, so why not become a member?  Your first reaction is probably the same as everyone else I try to encourage to join: "I could never go on stage in front of people!"

Well, here's a good piece of news for you .... you don't have to!!

There is so much going on behind the scenes, from stage management to make up, set building to lighting effects, front of house to hospitality, so we always welcome new members.  I remember when I first joined the group at the end of 2002, I was so nervous at a play reading I couldn't even keep the script still, so I went in as stage manager.  It was an excellent introduction to the group and learning how these things work, so I will always recommend joining up and helping out to build your confidence.

So, if after watching the production you feel compelled to become a member, feel free to talk to any of the existing members - don't be shy, we're all friendly and approachable!


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