Come Fly With Me

Is it fair, when asked if you have a problem with flying, to respond with "Only if we fall out of the sky"?

Okay, I didn't actually say that, but I did think it. My mouth seems to be working on automatic, with generic phrases like "Yeah, that's fine" and "Not a problem" popping out in place of inappropriate witticisms. Which is a shame, cos when I want to be funny, my mind blanks ... so I must have a strong desire to amuse, as I draw a blank most of the time!!

It seems that next week, my boss and I are flying off to sunny wee-Glasgee to train another bod in the technical aspects of the application I developed: I can't say 'we' as there was only one developer ... me! This should be interesting as I haven't done any work on the app for over a month now, so a refresher is in order next week, me thinks.

All of which means we can look forward to the free-for-all window seat-grabbing, that nervous feeling you get as you realise you are no longer on solid ground, and the fixed-grin airline staff who take corporate branding too far by having their faces match the colour of their outfit ... and that's not just the girls!

Gets me away from the office though :-)


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