Welcome to the real world

Did anyone see Panorama last night? "Go Green or Else" I believe was the title. I only caught a very small snippet as I was supposed to be studying, and it goes to show how good my timing can sometimes be to catch this little gem...

Justin Rowlatt and his family were tasked with going green for a year. The point I came in was where Justin was picking out a live turkey which was to be the family's last bit of meat. For some reason, they named it (we'll call him Ken, as I can't remember what they actually called him).

Show a shot of Justin picking out the turkey and presenting it to the guy that was going to kill it. Cut to the kitchen table, the family eating dinner, and the little girl pipes up: "Where's Ken?"

"On your plate" came the all-too-blunt reply

Welcome to the real world, kid!


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