Strange Behaviour

This morning, for some unfathomable reason, I joined the ranks of the breakfast club runners! Admittedly I was at the bottom of the heap as it took me nearly half-an-hour to run just over 2¾ miles - an awful time considering what I was managing last year.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am not a morning person, so it is something of shock to actually be getting up at 6am. Despite the multitude of alarms that ring through my place first thing, it still takes me over an hour to drag myself out of bed after the first alarm taps at my sleepy head. I keep expecting Doc Emmett Brown to knock on my door to admire my clock collection ... either that, or the police to tell me to keep the noise down!

Mind you, I did sleep through most of Pirates of the Carribean on Saturday, so I had probably caught up with what I needed! That's not to say it was a boring film, for all I know, it wasn't ... I wasn't really awake to make that judgement!

So what triggered this gasp-inducing attack of fitness?

Well, other than heading off on holiday in three weeks time and wanting to look vaguely human, I've decided to sign up for the Great North Run again ... like I didn't knacker myself enough the last two times!

As per usual, I chickened out of the ballot back in January, so have had to apply for a charity position. This year, I will therefore be attempting to raise money for Clic Sargent, a charity that provides help and support for children diagnosed with cancer.

As I have to raise a minimum amount of £350, I will be looking to you wonderful people to throw heaps and heaps of your money my way!

However, I still have to send off the pledge form, application and registration fee. Once this has been done, and my position confirmed, I will create a fund-raising page to make it easy for you to make your donations ... and then whack a huge link over to the right there to act as a constant reminder! :-)

Right, I'm off for a kip!


Cath said…
I'm bringing the straight jacket round after work. I am hoping though that I'll have to wait till 10pm for you to turn up, becuase if you're home early from work then we'll know something is seriously wrong!

Excellent charity to run for too by the way. I lost my best friend to cancer when we were ten :-(
OddThomas said…
Maybe you should bring the straight-jacket to make sure I DO leave work before 10! Was here til really late last night, but only because I was watching Heroes :-D

I'm really sorry to hear about your friend, it must have been really hard for you. When I was going through the different charities to run for, this one tugged at the heart strings: kids shouldn't have to suffer with this stuff :-(
Cath said…
Funny that, you were watching Heroes and I was eating Heroes! Bought a box from Tesco yesterday morning, medicinal purposes you understand!

It doesn't feel like it all happened 16 years ago, it feels more like yesterday. Kids don't quite understand what's happening to them, which I spose is a blessing and a curse.

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