What's all the fuss about?

Well, ignoring the growly post where I practised my Lion's roar, I finished off last week by suggesting I was working on something rather interesting.

To be honest, it probably isn't really all that interesting to anyone other than those involved!

This Wednesday, Journey South's one and only fan ... my Mum ... will be 60, so this weekend my Dad put on a bit of a surprise party for her. Being the kitchen demon I alledgedly am, my little contribution was to make the birthday cake (which earned me a nice bottle of Jack Daniels).

However, I had totally forgotten that my little plastic hand mixer had chewed itself up when I last used it, so I had to go on a hunt for a replacement machine. I hunted everywhere, but couldn't find anything that was nothing more than a lump of cheap plastic that couldn't realistically be used on anything stiffer than egg white.

And then I found this beauty, my very own Saucy Lawson in sleek metal form, complete with curvy bowl to put my mix in. I don't normally get excited over kitchenware but I have to say I was very impressed ... well worth the hard-earned cash I parted with!!

So, how did the cake come out? Mmmm, so-so. This pic is the end result, though it is certainly not as I had imagined. However, it did get a few oohs and ahhs ... though considering the time of year and the amount of alcohol in it, it could easily have been lit and chucked into the air to include a 'wow' somewhere in there, though I wouldn't want to be the one clearing the garden afterwards.


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