Whatever you're looking for, its not here!

Stats loggers are great!

Whilst it's exciting to see the number of visitors rising over the years, albeit slower than an OAP gigolo, this is actually the least interesting part of the stats. If you want the really interesting stuff, then you have to look at the search keywords used to reach the site ... boy, are there some odd people out there.

When I posted the cat cartoons under the title of Pussy Power last November, I can't deny suspecting that I might get a few people popping in expecting something totally different.

Wrong. I should have had more faith in people's decency!

No, the one thing that has been bringing people here in their hordes (if 76 people last month can be called a horde) is ... Gimli!

Gimli?! Have I missed something??

Well, as so many of you are coming here seemingly because of this post, here are a few links to help you on your merry way* ... though do feel free to hang around if you want ;-)In the meantime, below is a list of my favourite search phrases since January, which either left me totally stumped as to how the connection was made back here or curled up and howling with laughter, all of which my friend Cath can vouch for as she saw them for herself!
  • "blog easter" moo
  • cat getting eaten
  • fat, unibrow
  • hot guy blog-female -gay -lesbian
  • long haired trolls
  • belly wallpaper
  • old mother hubbard bits
  • swimming flatulence
That last one has to be my absolute favourite: I had to leave the room I was laughing so much I didn't want to have an 'accident'!

* I know there are tons of sites dedicated to the Lord of the Rings but I'm not keen on doing all the search grunt-work for you! If there are other links you think should be added, feel free to post a comment!


RoadRunner said…
Oh my Lord! What the hell is Old Mother Hubbard bits??? Some people really have issues! As for your fave, is that some propelling cheating tactic?
As for me, I've just talked about unruly bushes. lets see if that has an impact :)
OddThomas said…
Maybe they were looking for this picture!!

In the meantime, I'm gonna come and see your unruly bushes!
RoadRunner said…
Thanks for the pic! Is that you? That mini egg fetish really took hold :P

As for the bush comment, I have so many smutty retorts happening in my head right now I'm having to bite my fingers to stop them typing. Baaaaad fingers!
OddThomas said…
Far be it for me to hold you back!

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