It's Clobberin' Time

I think that, perhaps, I am starting to settle a little into my new role: today I had to 'have words' with one of the little fledglings.

By 'have words', I am in no way referring to the police's interpretation of the phrase (according to my contact in the Met), as that kind of behaviour would result in them 'having words' with me and would put a real dampener on the blogging.

No, this was more the bringing into line an individual who has been taking advantage of the relaxed atmosphere here.

Whilst we do not operate flexi-time per se, if someone is a little late one day then as long as they make up the time, no problem. I'm as guilty as the next guy for being a few minutes late in, but at least I regularly stay into the evening hours: if anything, the company owes me hours, not vice versa!

Although this chap is consistently late by anything up to thirty minutes, he has actually started to make up the time recently, possibly because he is now on some work that he can get his teeth into. That said, perhaps it is still not as engaging as he would like as his lateness today exceeded anything that even I have ever achieved in the past: a staggering 5½ hours.


I was going to let it slide as he knew he would have to make up the time, but then he did something that was a step too far. He went to lunch. Admittedly only 15 minutes, but still. He went to lunch.

And all this the very day after a team meeting where everyone was told to make more of an effort to be in for contracted hours due to the support contract. Irony at its best!

Needless to say, The Boss intends to have words tomorrow ... and who knows what interpretation he will have of the term...


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