Strange World

Is it me and my sense of normality that is wrong, or is the world around us getting stranger by the day??

A couple of months ago, when I was travelling with my cousin oop North for the Advanced Open Water dive training, we spotted something that took us somewhat by surprise. Stuck to the back of a passing motorcycle was what looked like two tupperware boxes glued together ... with a small dog inside.

Seriously. I'm not sure how fresh the guy was expecting to keep his little pooch...

Since that day, I have started to see more and more weird pooch pampering, from little rich girls carrying their Pomeranians in their handbags to cats on leads to things even more surreal ... ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Pet Stroller:

One question: WHY?!

Please, People, be sensible!!!

Your dog has legs for a reason: if it didn't, it wouldn't be a dog, it would be a Tribble!!!

If Tring is any measure of odd trends, then you could start seeing these in your neighbourhood very soon.



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