AMPed Up

Blogging is good for you. Fact.

Well, good for Bloggers, not necessarily for the readers!

If this article in Scientific American is to be believed - and there's no reason it shouldn't - blogging can be quite therapeutic, helping patients recover from surgery, and improving sleep* and memory.

I can certainly agree with the memory aspect as it is approaching two weeks since my last post and I attempted to log in with the wrong credentials, something I hadn't had a problem with before. I guess you could argue that blogging is like Regaine for those with rapidly diminishing follicles: you're fine while you use it on a regular basis, but stop for any period and it quickly disappears back to its natural state.

Unfortunately, my natural state is dazed and confused ... so, back to the keyboard!!

What with work, rehearsals and training, I haven't really had a lot of time to do anything: I haven't even had the opportunity to learn my lines for the play, let alone tap out a few inane paragraphs for the more bored amongst you.

Last weekend would have been ideal, travelling down to see the family whilst I get my cam belt changed. I say "would have been" as there was more than enough time available between family visits to bash out a paragraph or two, if it wasn't for the fact that every time I sat down I pretty much passed out.

What I did manage to do was get some of November's Egypt trip paid off (diving in the Red Sea again - woohoo!!), and treat myself to a little something.

I've been doing reasonably well with the training for the Great North Run, generally running twice a week and getting in just shy of eight miles each time. However, I am starting to find it a little hard to get motivated and ended up not doing the mega-Sunday run I usually do - this is the run where I generally push myself a bit further than normal.

I just didn't feel up to it, totally lacking in drive and instead longed for my bed. I know this is probably the best time to go and I do usually finish the run feeling really good, but I just couldn't do it last night.

Now I have another gadget to give me the kick in the rear that I desperately need: the Nike+ AMP. And not the boring black-and-grey one, but the funkier black-and-red one which, it appears, you can only buy from the Apple store - I haven't had much luck with the Nike store - hence the link.

I'm itching to get out and test it, but I will have to wait until Wednesday now...

* I would have to counter the sleep argument as I invariably end up having a late night because of blogging!


Tim said…
Ooo… that's some nice new tech you've got there…
OddThomas said…
It is quite smart, and so easy to get going with. The hardest part was cutting the strap to size as I hate destroying things I've only just bought! :-)

Although all the buttons are raised, it would have been nice to have a bit of a glow about them as I always run at night, but I guess you can't have it all!

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