LHC Eat Your Heart Out

With the LHC called to a halt for a short while, perhaps Brian Cox would like to consider measuring the impact of the collisions going off inside my head?

Okay, there is no guarantee of catching sight of any Higgs Bosons but he may get to witness the IT Certainty Principle, the laws of which state that for any piece of IT work, the chance of implementing that work is inversely proportional to the amount of effort involved!

I don't know about particle accelerators but I seem to be caught in a project accelerator, with everyone poised to see what kind of big bang I'll be generating ... hmmm, geeky intros are never a good sign!!

I guess you could say that things are not going all that great right now. As the above suggests, I've been putting huge effort into projects that have then been canned and very little effort into projects that have actually seen the light of day.

Currently, we are having to put a tremendous amount of effort into three major projects that are to be released within the next week, none of which we have been involved in until now and all of which are at risk of being massive failures due to the original suppliers inability to deliver. All of a sudden, at the eleventh hour, we're being called upon to try and save the day.

I bet I know who will get the credit and who will get the blame...

Something I have found - and often spout on about - is that work pressures and workloads practically double when I have something in my personal life to deal with. As you might expect, this time is no exception as there is not one but two things I have to prepare for: the Great North Run and the next play with the Centralian Players, both within a week of each other!

Unfortunately, preparation for both of these has taken something of a back seat whilst I try my best to get work sorted. However, I did finally manage to fire off a quick sponsorship e-mail in the early hours and have now started to get some more sponsorship money for Marie Curie Cancer Care, so thank you to everyone who has donated so far and thanks to those of you that will be ;-D

Actually, if anyone would like to add to the sponsorship ... and take a chance on someone you don't know(!) ... I have had a bit of a thought, albeit a simple one: for those who sponsor me in memory of a loved one, I thought that a respectful way to say thank you for the donation, and to remember the dear departed, would be to include their name on the 'in memory of' plaque I shall be wearing.

If you would like me to do this, please add the name of the person the donation is dedicated to into the comments of the sponsorship form at my JustGiving page.

Thank you!


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