Crikey, its not safe anywhere any more is it?

One minute you're trundling along minding your own business and then suddenly BAM! you're hit square in the face by December, all bling'd up like a chav in Argos.


Whenever Christmas approaches, it takes me a little while to get into the swing of things as I try to work out what to get people, even if they've given me a list of things to hunt down.  To try and ease the frustration of not finding suitable pressies early on, I have a tendency to then spend money on things for myself so that by the time Christmas rolls in, I've usually spent as much on me as I have on everyone else.

Not that I'm a spend-a-holic at all.  Much.

Well, today kicked off the proper Christmas spending in exactly this fashion, as the visit to the Good Food Show last Friday has spurred me on to replacing the broken hob. For those of you that were regular followers before my blogging break, you may remember this post where my hob decided it wanted to warm the whole kitchen and not just the food I was cooking!

Ah, the good old days ... geez, I can't believe that was two years ago now, almost to the day!!!

However, in all that time, it seems my tastes haven't changed much as the hob I finally bought today was the Neff T12D20.  Okay, it's not the induction hob I was looking at before, but it was much better priced :-)

It is possible that I am tempting fate somewhat here, by buying the hob today with the hopes that I will be cooking for my friends TrickieFairy and her hubby next Wednesday; something akin to standing in a bull ring dressed as a giant red tomato, chanting "You can't get me!"

Let's hope fate is looking the other way...


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