Number One Fan

From barely one second into the new year*, I have been planning on spending money on all kinds of goodies in 2008, ranging from a new TomTom to a new phone** to a new TV.

However, as with all of my best-laid plans, it appears that other forces are at work here and trying hard to postpone the fun side of things by adding up lots of little costs for me ... which makes a change as I usually have a huge bill for something or other round about this time of year!

I've already mentioned that my washer-dryer has gone tits up again and, luckily, extended the warranty the week before Christmas (how's that for timing?!).

Well, in addition to that, the bathroom fan that my Dad and I replaced a couple of years ago, has also decided it was a bit fed up of the daily spin and started smouldering in its little corner of the ceiling. As it is attached to the light switch, this has meant digging out a handful of candles from the back of the cupboard so that I don't have to bathe in the dark which, I have to confess, is a little weird as you can hear all sorts of odd sounds that the fan normally disguises, bringing to mind images from I am Legend!

*looks over shoulder and shudders*

Aaaanyway, a little trip to B&Q tonight ensured that my wallet became £130 lighter ... wish I could say the same for my own weight!

Okay, in all fairness, that price does include a little treat for myself, one that I have been meaning to buy for many years but could never justify due to being a part-time DIYer.

Yes, I bought myself a funky tool-belt!

Now I can be the macho workman, parading my tools for all to see, when we work on the set build for the next play: jeans, workboots, close-fitting t-shirt showing of my new-found muscles (somewhere), funky belt ... an image totally destroyed by the receding hairline and expanding waistline!!

Perhaps I should sign up for this year's Great North Run...

* Okay, in reality, since before Christmas!
** What's that? No iPhone?! Pah! Please, I'd rather join a rally than a bandwagon!!


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