Votes of Confidence

A week ago today I had an engineer in to fix my washer-dryer, who basically commented that it was a waste of time buying these things as they always break: always good to hear in our modern, state-of-the-art society!

As he couldn't fix it there and then, he booked for the engineer from the previous breakdown to come back today. The engineer turned up around lunchtime, spent 30 minutes fixing it and complaining on the phone that the last guy didn't even look into the problem properly and then left saying, "See you again soon, no doubt".

So, does that mean its fixed and is just a crap product or that its not fixed and I'll be seeing him again when I next try to use it?!

I think that when the insurance runs out on this, I will consider purchasing a regular washing machine: that's six engineers I've had out to this now and its barely two years old.

Well, at least today went better than last night.

I'd had a reasonably good day at work yesterday and, come evening, I freshened up and eagerly went to a friend's for dinner, loaded with flowers, wine and chocolates. She had cooked yet another top meal that had me salivating at the various aromas floating out of the kitchen: I was like a Bisto Kid on a high.

My friend has many, many excellent qualities, chief amongst these are her cooking skills. If anyone else had said they were making pea soup, I would have balked at the idea. However, I am always open to trying new things, especially with my friend's dishes, so I tucked in and was suitably impressed.

I am a naturally fast eater and when I eat something I really like the taste of, it tends to go rather quickly, which is what happened with the soup ... and what I tried to do with the excellent pork that followed. Unfortunately, I hadn't realised how stressed my body was, presumably with the play being imminent, and a piece of pork ended up wedged in my oesophagus.

I've had this problem before and usually, if I walk around and concentrate on relaxing my stomache, the food shifts and I can carry on. On very rare occassions, it refuses to budge which means there is only one thing for me to do ... and which led, on this occassion, to being asked if I was bulimic!

Unfortunately, I was unable to shift the pork in either direction so ended up cutting the night short and heading home, highly embarrassed at not being able to finish the excellent meal and even more embarrassed that my friends had to be witness to one of my worse food moments.

I know that they understand what the problem was, but it can't be very nice putting all that effort into a meal only to have this happen. I really need to make it up to them in some way.

Thankfully, the pork appeared to shift at some point in the night and, whilst there was a little discomfort eating this morning, I seemed to be back to normal by lunchtime, munching on small foods like sugarsnap peas* and apples.

* One of my work colleagues got me started on these this week, proving that you can get naturally sweet vegetables, so I could get my sweet fix whilst being healthy too. Bargain! This didn't stop me buying a tube of Mini Eggs tonight though!


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