Losing the Plot

I think I can safely say that I will be joining Cath's C.R.A.F.T club in the not too distant future.

What with work and the play, and not being able to settle down to sleep until gone 1:00am, I am forgetting all sorts of things. It is especially embarrassing when I am halfway through a sentence and forget what I was saying ... which I am seriously hoping won't happen in the play this week.

It's hard to believe that twelve weeks of rehearsals are now up. Finished. Finito. Barring, of course, the full and final dress rehearsal tomorrow night. I'm bricking it just thinking about it, but as the others have said, what's the point in doing it if you don't get nervous?

The nerves really hit home on Sunday when we had gotten the set pretty much sorted and I walked into the hall to see the main lights off and the stage lights on. That was enough to set off the hourde of butterflies in my stomache, and I wasn't even on the stage at that point.

With everything pretty much set, this meant that last night was the full technical rehearsal, setting the entry and exit points for the 'effects' and lighting. Oh, what a night. Everyone got stuck on lines they know inside out and a few of us got our entrances wrong. Perhaps it was just the nerves kicking in now that we were all under the spotlights...

When I got home I decided forget about the play and have another look at the DAB player I bought that decided to stop tuning into stations. Even with a full battery, it couldn't find a station. Just to be sure there was really nothing there, I plugged in the headphones to listen and it sparked into life!

No, surely that's not right.

I unplugged the headphones. Dead.

Plugged them back in. Alive!

Ah! So that would also be the aerial then!! The silly thing is, I already knew that this is how it should work.

Shame I can't do a similar thing for the washer-dryer...


Cath said…
Please don't plug yourself into the washing machine!
OddThomas said…
Why not? I need a good spin cycle!!

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