The Diet Nemesis

I have a weakness ... and it's name is Mini Eggs!

That's them, over there, on the right ... or it would be if I hadn't eaten the little buggers before I'd even reached the flat.

Just when I thought I was doing so well with eating proper food, along comes the extra-early Easter preparation and the release of millions of those sweet, crisp, egg-shaped balls of mouth-watering chocolate ... and now I want to head out and buy a second pack to devour!



Cath said…
Nooooo, give in! And get me some whilst you're there too! I've seen these in the supermarket for a fair few weeks and have, so far, managed to resist. Although that has been down to the crippling nausea.....bah, I'm sure once I've given my guts a stern talking to we can come to some arrangement.....
OddThomas said…
I'm afraid I did give in and bought another pack tonight ... preceeded by a creme egg!

Somebody stop me!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Yeah, it's the creme eggs that get me. mmmmm.... gooey, sweet goodness..... mmmmm
OddThomas said…
Don't start me off!

I should really take my time with them instead of devouring them in two bites ... hmmm, maybe I should get some to practice on!!!

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