Crikey, I didn't realise that a whole week had gone by since my last post!

Admittedly, things have been a bit swamped, what with being dumped on at work by The Boss and ramping up for the play in a couple of weeks.

Whilst I don't mind helping the boss out with stuff, it is frustrating when he disappears off on holiday for two weeks, dumping some application in your lap that he's cobbled together. Three days I wasted trying to fix his code in order to load financial data from a third-party system into the new system at our customer site.

The man should not be allowed near a keyboard: his work would make the hardiest of developers cringe in fear or, at the very least, have nightmares about it.

Even more frustrating is discovering that he has handed my name out to people to do jobs that we shouldn't even be doing. We might as well be a full-blown department of the customer's instead of an out-sourced solution, for all the freebies we do for them.

Anyhoo! Enough about work!

I've mentioned previously about my friend Cath, who is something of a radio whore*, constantly flirting with Jamie and Harriet on Heart in the mornings, or with Simon Beale in the evenings. Well, last week, she undertook the Minute To Win It ... to win a Heart FM toaster**, of all things.

Unfortunately, she only got seven out of ten correct ... and her flirting with Harriet didn't help to convince them that she really deserved it!

Mind you, I doubt I would have won anything either. At 6:50am, my brain is still somewhat scrambled from whatever weird dreams I've been having so, whilst probably not getting any right, I would certainly have provided either some entertainment value or some very surreal moments.

I should still get the opportunity to do both of these, however, as the play I am appearing in is practically upon us ... *shudder*

Yesterday was the first of two set-building days and it has finally brought home to me exactly what it is that I have done. Even thinking about it now is setting my nerves on edge!

I seriously need to learn my lines!!

* And before anyone complains, she actually agrees with me!
** I'm not hearing any whoops of excitement out there...


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