Ready for take-off

I am so totally shattered today, its as if I've had all the energy sapped right out of me. Mind you, its hardly surprising considering the amount of exercise I've had over the past couple of days doing the DIY, swinging around the loft like a tooled-up ape.

Good news on the DIY front: I can now have a bath with the light on and, judging by the power of the fan, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the flat left the ground one night ... its like I've installed a jet engine! I swear I could feel my hair attracted to it by the suction!

Luckily sorting out the wiring wasn't much of an issue. All I had to do was buy some 4-core cable* and wire that in place of the existing 3-core (which I couldn't use due to the third core not being sheathed). The hardest part was threading the cable through the ceiling ... I couldn't remove the fan because I had done the previous trick of sealing it into place!!

Still feeling in the DIY mood, I decided to try and sort out the tap washers, but they beat me - there is no way those bolts want to budge, so I've sprayed WD40 in the hopes it will work its magic over the coming weeks. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, I have some cleaning to do, I'm just not sure I have the energy to do it!

* The instructions said 3-core, but I have it on good authority that its best not to use the earth as a live wire!


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