One down, two to go...

When I first knew I was going to be in The Centralians' next production, I knew immediately that I would need to take the time off work so I didn't end up in a position where I had to work late ... as usually happens when I have commitments outside of work.

Wednesday was a prime example of that.

I had to work at the customer site to provide some training on several of the plug-ins available for the Immediacy CMS. This seemed to go generally okay and we managed to finish before three o'clock, which left me with some time to work on another job dumped on my lap by The Boss: putting pictures onto the customer's intranet!

I'm supposed to be a developer, for goodness sake, not a content management lacky!!!

However, I am not a Lotus Notes developer, so trying to work out what the previous developer's have done with the site, and how it works, has been a bit of a problem ... if it wasn't for providing a picture gallery template, allowing me to at least save time creating a database to put the pictures into a gallery, I would still be there now.

Whilst in the process of doing this, with less than an hour to go before the end of the day, The Boss then informed me that we needed to create the customer's intranet within the Immediacy CMS and that it had to be completed by the following day!

Taking a deep breath, I informed him that I had the next two days off so asked which job I should complete. His response?

Both of them!

Then he left.

Considering I was supposed to be at the final rehearsal for 6:30pm and it was past 4:00pm, this didn't give me much time to create and structure a website as well as figure out how to develop in Lotus Notes.

Somehow, I succeeded in working on both of these jobs at the same time and managed to complete at least 90% of the job ... but ended up half-an-hour late for the final rehearsal, by which point I was fuming and ready to lash out at anyone, angry at The Boss for putting me in that position.

Good job I booked the next two days off, after all!!

As for the final rehearsal, it went reasonably well and we all got through it with a sigh of relief.

Shame the first night wasn't quite so slick ... for me, at least. At some point, I forgot my lines and had to be helped out by the other people on stage. Not a good position to be in as it makes my nerves worse which causes me to forgot more ... why can't bad nerves make me think more clearly?!

However, my little cock-ups aside, the feedback was that people really enjoyed it, which is always good to hear.

Lets hope tomorrow is an improvement ... I'd best go over my lines again ...


Cath said…
I'm feeling a bit stronger today so I'll take a ride out to beat your boss heavily with a big stick :-) In exchange for your autograph you understand!
OddThomas said…
If I'd known all you needed was an autograph from an unknown 'actor', I'd have hired you years ago!!

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