Not so hot tech

Since the Hotpoint engineer left on Thursday with that confidence-inspiring comment, I have to confess to not being overly eager to use the washer-dryer: at least, not the dryer part anyway.

So, with two washes down and the airer laden with more underwear than M&S can stock, I decided to try a third load, this time using the dryer so I didn't have to start hanging clothes on the curtain rail or off the shelves.

My shirts are now being used as a set of trendy curtains ... yes, the dryer packed up again with an F-13 error. I am not a happy chappie.

Which begs the question: did the engineer who came on Thursday know that it was going to break again?

Time to fight for a new one.
* * * * *
Despite the ongoing grief with the washer-dryer, the weekend hasn't been too bad, just a tiring one.

Saturday saw me making my usual trek to Presence for a late lunch and to learn my lines, this time listening to them on my Rio rather than reading them: it helps to hear the cue.

Unfortunately, I was also in one of those moods where I felt the need to spend some money and, after seeing a mate's DAB radio on Friday, I got a bee in my bonnet about getting one myself ... so I ended up buying the Pure PocketDAB 1500!

The excuse for buying the pocket version was so that I could listen to the radio whilst training for the Great North Run ... eventually ... I've got to apply for the ballot first!

I have to say, the quality of the stations was impressive. And I do mean was impressive, as today its coming up with the message "Station not available" for any station, so now I can't listen to the bloody thing.


Can we make anything that works properly any more???


Cath said…
My grandparents bought a spin dryer back in the 1940's, and another new washing machine in the noughties, needless to say, the spin dryer is still going and the washing machine has packed up more times than they've had hot dinners.

Probably just as well they now both get their laundry done free at the care home.....
OddThomas said…
We live in such a slap-dash world now. Things are just thrown together and, as usual, Jo Public ends up having to pay the price by being forced into taking time off work and having to fork out for insurance to cover the inevitable breakdown. Its all about making money, nothing else.

Perhaps I should do what my sister did and get a refurb - the one I had off her when I first moved into my flat lasted 8 years before it finally went bang (literally).
Cath said…
Couldn't agree more. Nothing is built to last at all, and that's all to cater for money grabbing enterprises. It's a case of bugger the end-user, so long as we keep making money.

Morning, btw :-)

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