Run, Fat Boy, Run!

It seems that later this year I will be following in Simon Pegg's footsteps ... well, half of them, anyway ... as I have just registered with the ballot for the Great North Run!

Okay, I might not actually make it through the ballot, in which case I will have to pick a charity to race for, but I think I should make a determined effort to take part this year, especially after backing out last year because of the studying.

What kind of fool am I to allow myself to be talked into this?!

Well, in all fairness, I have been casually considering it for the past few weeks since I received the mail about the ballot opening. Then I started talking to my friend Up North who is always up for a challenge and who signed up earlier today, taunting me that I should sign up just so I can eat her dust*.

So I signed up.

Not that I'm in any way competitive, of course. Honest.


Anyway, assuming I can get my widening behind out of the chair, I will probably be using this blog to keep all you wonderful, generous people** up-to-date on how the training and the fund-raising is going ... which is actually why this blog was set up in the first place, all those years ago!

Wish me luck!!

* I don't think that's a euphemism, but I could be mistaken.
** You must be generous if you haven't given up on reading this, so there will be a fund-raising site where you can be generous to your heart's content ;-)


Cath said…
You'll probably find that it will relieve a lot of stress. Maybe I should take it up....after all, I do have the advantage of four legs! :-p
OddThomas said…
Ah, another one who wants me to eat her dirt!

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