So, its over...

Last night was the final night of The Centralian Players' production of House of Secrets by Peter McKelvey ... and oooooooh, what a night!

Aware of how the cycle generally goes with these things - having a good night followed by a bad night - I was rather worried about how the final night would go considering Friday went so well. I think that awareness is what made me so scared and made me shake so much: I came so close to losing control.

Its all very well to rationalise something - in this case, that it was the last night so it was almost over - but that rationalisation means absolutely nothing unless you feel the truth of it throughout your whole body ... and I didn't feel that until the first half was over and it really hit me that there was only half the play to go.

Then I finally settled into the role properly.

By the time the play was over, I have to confess that I was on a high from the adrenaline that was racing through my system, and by the time I got down to see my friends and family who had come to visit, I still hadn't come down from it. They all noticed my shoulders were still tense and that I was somewhat hyper!!

Unfortunately, I couldn't join them at the pub for a swift drink as we had the task of taking the set down and storing it back under the stage, something that is always done after the final night*.

Taking the set down at the end of a production can cause a whole heap of emotions, ranging from elation to sorrow, but you can guarantee that by the end of the night you are totally shattered and looking forward to curling up in bed for a loooooooooong sleep.

Unfortunately, when I arrived home at around 2:30am this morning, I discovered that one of my neighbours was enjoying the annoying sounds of music: and I'm not talking high-on-a-hill-with-a-lonely-goat-herd annoying, I'm talking the boom-boom-boom-screech kind of annoying.

I finally managed to settle down around 5:30am(!) for a serious sleeping session that lasted for a blissful 10 hours, followed by a marathon reading session. Why the marathon session?

Well, now the play is over, I have to confess to feeling somewhat melancholy, so I haven't really been in the mood for doing much except escaping into a book. Not even eating.

Its weird, but I guess I am still adjusting to getting back to the normal world!!

* In the early days, the destruction of the set would normally take place the next day, but people were generally resentful of returning and it usually ended up with a small handful of the dedicated to perform, so to keep things fair, it was agreed to take the set down on the final night. Much better option, in my opinion.


RoadRunner said…
Ahem! And you have a go at me about not eating! What was it you said? - eat something, even if it's just an apple.
OddThomas said…
Yes, Mum!

Actually, about half-an-hour after I posted, I discovered I had some multi-berry Ryvita bars in the cupboard that I had forgotten about, so I ate a couple of those just before settling down.

I really need to get the hob replaced so that I can start cooking soups, rice, pasta and the like again ... an expense I concede I have been putting off!!!!

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