How much have you had?

Well, as of 6pm tonight, I am officially the only one in the office for the next fortnight!

With three people leaving in July and August, one off on a three-month sabbatical across the US with his other half, and another off on a two week break, we're now back down to the staffing levels we had about 8 months ago. It wouldn't be so bad, but half the work that needs to be done I know nothing about, so it looks like I'll be kept on my toes for a while.

Aaaanyhoo, I am aware that my last post was not only lengthy, but a bit whingy, so its probably best that I stay off the work topic tonight and try to avoid the step-by-step accounts that make for good sleeping material!

Last night, I was introduced to my new favourite series: Weeds. How great is this series?!

I don't have Sky, so I have to make do with Sky Three on digital terrestrial and happened to stumble on it last night. I had never really paid any attention to the adverts for it before, but I caught the announcer saying something that made me think, "Go on then, I'll give it a shot". After all, I was only going to be boring and have an early night.

Turns out, its actually pretty good with a balanced mix of serious and humourous and, to top it all, they showed not one, but two episodes! More than enough to get me hooked! Look out Play, there's about to be another order coming your way!
* * * * *
Now, with what I am about to show you next, you'd be forgiven for thinking that I'd been experimenting with Weed myself, but I promise you not ... this was real!

Back in June*, Somerset was invaded by a little known breed of cow. At a glance, you would be forgiven for thinking that they are regular Jersey cows, but on closer inspection you will notice the square shoulders and rounded backs that distinguish this countryside menace.

Luckily, my cousin managed to snap a pic of as we raced past to avoid having our cud chewed ...

Yes, it is the little known Biffa Cow, a slow mover with a big appetite! And not just for the grass - they're rampant little buggers, too!

Apologies for the gratuity of this shot, but its a rare scene to observe! ;-)

* * * * *
Does anybody remember the t-shirt my cousin bought me for my birthday?

Here's a reminder...

To be honest, I haven't been brave enough to wear it in public yet, as you know full well that some idiot would think it was aimed at them ... which, if they think it is, then they're an idiot, so I guess it must be!

Anyway, when the t-shirts** arrived I used my phone to take a pic and mailed them to Flickr, with the title of the t-shirt as the subject. Little did I think about the results of this...

Hmmm, nothing personal! Honest!!

* Yes, okay, its a bit late to be talking about stuff in June, but I'm short of interesting things happening around Tring lately!
** The second t-shirt was a warning of high stress levels ... which I have worn several times for work now.


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