Crikey, yet another week has passed before posting here again ... things must be pretty dull right now!!

Actually, they're not dull at all, I'm just whisked off my feet trying to keep up with everything.

In the past week, I have been endlessly banging my head on my desk in the vague hope that someone will inject me with sedatives and stick me in a padded room before I hurt myself. However, our customers are a sadistic lot, so I can't see this happening any time soon.

The latest little nugget? They've been working on a project for 12 months that is being piloted tomorrow and we need to get it integrated with their security model this week! Yes, they told us about it last week, which seems to count for sufficient advance notice in their world, but its taken them all week to come back with absolutely no information that we asked for.

Who do they think they've hired here, friggin' Hogwarts?!?! A twitch of the magic mouse and its all sorted?!?!


Add to that the same customer (though different department), now denying what they originally asked for, and I'm sure you can understand why I'm imitating a beak-less woodpecker.


Anyhooo, enough of work!

For those of you that knew me on Facebook, you are probably wondering what has happened to my profile? Well, it now reflects the state of my brain: deactivated.

To be honest, it had become too much of a distraction. I originally signed up as I thought it would be a better way of keeping in touch with people I don't see often, but it didn't really work out like that: one less thing to worry about remembering the login for.
* * * * *
As you know, I am trying to develop my photography skills, but am still at quite a basic level. After prompting from my cousin last week, I decided to re-post photos to my DSLRUser account.

One of the images I uploaded was this one:

As of the date of this posting, its had 35 views and four comments. I know that doesn't really sound like a lot, but its certainly the most I've had for one of my pics, so I'm quite proud at the moment.

If you want to improve the number of views, feel free to click the pic to take you to the page where you can view a larger version! :-)
* * * * *
Something else that really perked me up this week was being told I spoke perfect Spanish!

Okay, I was only reading off the menu at La Tasca, but it definitely gave my ego a boost ... though it also had the effect of making me feel self-conscious, so I asked for everything else in English!

Despite the fact that my current studies are stressing me out, I now want to go and study a language: Spanish or Italian? How about both?!


* * * * *
If you want something to freak you out, take a read of this article. One of my fears becomes reality for someone else...


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