What Planet Is This?

I have come to the realisation today that I am in a full-blown mid-life crisis.

Apart from the desires to own a sporty car, buy 'trendy' clothes, escape from working life, go find myself hidden in some nook somewhere, and be a Dad*, I now find that my brain isn't entirely on track. Okay, a lot of people would say that it hasn't been on track for decades and I guess they're not far wrong.

When I awoke this morning, I checked my phone and realised that today was the day I needed to smarten myself up for the second visit to the life coach; this was something of a shock as I had woken up later than normal and needed to iron a shirt, have a shave, etc, all of which I had postponed until today.

As usual, the appointment was for 2pm so, just after 1pm, I headed off for the little village just outside Staines where the meeting was to take place.

Luckily, the traffic wasn't too bad, barring the arrogant SOB driving a blue MPV on the A41, who thought they were driving a jet plane, bearing down on me doing at least 90mph and then had the arrogant cheek to flash me for getting in their way when I pulled out to avoid new traffic joining the road ... *breathe*


Anyway, the trip was relatively quick considering I went via the M25 and I managed to get there a full 15 minutes ahead of time, exactly as my satnav had predicted. I decided to use the time to quickly review the notes from the last meeting and headed to the house just before 2pm.

Nowhere near as nervous as I was last time, I rang the bell and waited. Nothing. I waited some more. Perhaps I had caught her out on a quick errand ... or powdering her nose.

I waited some more, gravel crunching underfoot as I started to pace. Nothing.

I checked my phone. I was definitely on time and it was definitely Thursday, so I decided to text Foshie: "What day is it today?"

"Wednesday the 19th, are you losing track ? lol", came the reply.

Oh crap.

* though I'm beginning to think I'm a bit late on this one ... who's going to want to have kids with me at this late stage?


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