Karma Car-meleon

They say that what goes around comes around and that whatever wrong you do to others will be returned back to you three times over. I have to confess that I am something of a believer in this ... which kind of helps when I'm fuming over someone who I feel has wronged me in some way.

I think this morning was an example of this in action ... only in reverse!

I live in a block of flats that, fortunately*, has its own car park. The trouble is that the road it joins has so many cars parked on it that its hard to see any oncoming traffic, especially with the white vans that park close to the entrance: exiting in the morning becomes something of an accident lottery, and I've come close to hitting jackpot on a number of occassions.

This morning, that jackpot nearly included a police car cruising down the road!

Luckily, where I had been edging out to see past the vans, he had already seen me and started to slow down. Doesn't stop you wondering if you're about to get pulled over though...

Anyhoo, I finally got on the road to work (late again this morning) and, less than a mile outside of Tring, someone pulled out in front of me!

Coincidence or karma?!

Luckily, my wonderful little motor has a good set of brakes, and I managed to stop around two feet away from the woman who had come to a sudden halt across the front my car. I looked at her incredulous and, calm as anything, she put her car back in gear and pulled away, mouthing a pert 'thank you' as she went.

'Thank you'?! Did I have a choice?!?! At what point was I doing you a favour?!?!

And how about 'sorry'?!?!?!


Breathe ... 9 ... 8 ... 7 ...
* * * * *
Okay, some of you are aware of my attempts at photography and how I would really like to do a lot better at it: it would be great if I could get good enough to earn a living from this.

However, I don't really get any feedback on Flickr, possibly because I don't post to as many pools as I could do**, so I am thinking of starting to post my attempts on here.

Any constructive criticism gratefully accepted!

First off the list are these two shots I have been playing around with. The original was a full colour image that didn't seem to have any kind of impact, so I tried processing in black and white with increased contrast.

Yesterday, I followed this up with a slightly-toned version of the image as I wasn't sure if a subtle colour was needed.

Anybody have any preferences or comments???

Actually, talking of photography, if you ever need tips on long exposure photography, take a look at JohnyBoy's Google Pages ... quite inspiring!

* Fortunate because if there wasn't a car park, parking would be a total mare.
** Though its quite possible that they are just not worth commenting on! No comments are worst than negative comments insofar as at least with a negative comment you can get an idea of what you are doing wrong!!


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