Growl Time

I was all set to post about everything that's been keeping me off the streets these past few days and then bam, mood swing!

It seems that the new Marks and Spencer in Tring is so popular that some people are too impatient to wait their turn to be served.

I was happily waiting in line for one of the two express checkout girls to become available, and there was a reasonable queue building up behind me. The guy that was at the furthest till was just being handed his receipt, so I started to make my way forward when some haggard blonde bit pushed past me and dumped her basket at the till, looking back at her friend behind me with a big grin on her face, all proud at her lack of manners.

What did I do? Nothing, as usual. I'm still working on my confidence and anger control!!



That's better.

Anyway, I am a little calmer now I have found a picture that closely resembled her in a Big Brother forum*: just stick some long, bottle-blonde hair on it and it would be an almost exact match!

Me, bitter?? Never!!

* I hasten to add that I do not watch the BB drivel that passes for entertainment: I just performed a Google image search and this was the best match!


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