Party Time!

I am definitely slacking with this blogging malarkey: perhaps I should rename this the Weekly Dump Blog as, once again, a week has passed since I last tapped an entry.

In all fairness though, I have actually been wondering what on earth I could write as I didn't want it to be too dull. Why change now? Well, dear reader, this is something of a special celebratory post that calls for a little effort and a bottle of bubbly to be cracked open*.

Yes, this is ... (anti-climax drum-roll) ... my 100th post in this blog! Woohoo! I actually lasted long enough!!

My first post was way back on 29 March 2006 when I started blogging as a means of keeping people up-to-date on my training for the Great North Run. As usual, things kind of slipped off track and you're now reading about the more interesting aspects of my life ... and I use the term 'interesting' in its loosest possible sense.

However, there is another reason to break out the bubbly** ... last night I completed my very last assignment for the OU course I am currently studying! This will come as relief to friends and family who I have had to refrain from seeing in order to meet assignment deadlines (though one assignment didn't see the light of day, unfortunately).

To each and every one of you, sorry for having to be so distant and thank you for not giving me too much grief!

Now I just have to make sure I don't sign myself up to anything else whilst I get the flat sorted out ... which brings me to another point.

The clutter-clearing I have been meaning to undertake for the past year ... um ... okay, since the turn of the century ... has finally begun this week as I am now without TV. It decided enough was enough and moved home without me, and now resides with my sister and her family.

Its amazing how much more productive you can be when there aren't any distractions ... I might even get to re-decorate!

* A bottle of Buck's Fizz would be enough, really
** Two bottles of Buck's Fizz, please


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