I'm Back!!

Well, I'm finally back from the hols to the Lake District and, as is normal, wishing I was still out there. That said, it was nice to get back to my own place and fall asleep without being suffocated by feather duvets!*

From a photographic perspective, I really needed to stay there longer in order to increase my chances of decent weather: unfortunately, not really an option.

All-in-all, a nice trip, but not very productive, so it looks like I will be returning to the area in the new year ... I'm thinking February when there is hopefully some snow on the ground :-)

At some point, I will be placing the pics onto Flickr, and perhaps a few of the more casual photos here, after all, I have a week's worth of blogging to catch up on and it would be nice to show some of it too! Though with it all written down in a notepad, I suspect you will be getting a précise rather than a step-by-step re-telling of the break ... keep your fingers crossed!

Probably the most interesting part of my return was looking at the stats for this blog.

Over the past couple of months, it appears that this blog has been appearing in an increasing number of Google searches. This is pretty cool, until you start to look at the keywords people are using to find it. Some of the more curious searches include:
  • babysit blog nappy
  • best man speech embarrassing story i'm involved
  • "watford sorting office"
  • facebook "best shopping companion"
  • serrano ham blog
and, finally, my personal favourite from last month
  • man musk
I'm pretty sure I have mentioned this as a polite way of talking about B.O., but who on earth searches on these words?!

Okay, purely out of curiosity, I just performed the same search, and there I am, fourth from the top on the first page with my post To Glasgow And Back, only beaten by Encyclopedia.com, JStor and Google Books out of 1,340,000 results.

Not bad going ... even if it is weird :-D

* My wheezy lungs take offence at feathers and cats, having a tendency to react in the same way as the press around the Beckhams: over the top.


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