Not so hot tech

Since the Hotpoint engineer left on Thursday with that confidence-inspiring comment, I have to confess to not being overly eager to use the washer-dryer: at least, not the dryer part anyway.

So, with two washes down and the airer laden with more underwear than M&S can stock, I decided to try a third load, this time using the dryer so I didn't have to start hanging clothes on the curtain rail or off the shelves.

My shirts are now being used as a set of trendy curtains ... yes, the dryer packed up again with an F-13 error. I am not a happy chappie.

Which begs the question: did the engineer who came on Thursday know that it was going to break again?

Time to fight for a new one.
* * * * *
Despite the ongoing grief with the washer-dryer, the weekend hasn't been too bad, just a tiring one.

Saturday saw me making my usual trek to Presence for a late lunch and to learn my lines, this time listening to them on my Rio rather than reading them: it helps to hear the cue.

Unfortunately, I was also in one of those moods where I felt the need to spend some money and, after seeing a mate's DAB radio on Friday, I got a bee in my bonnet about getting one myself ... so I ended up buying the Pure PocketDAB 1500!

The excuse for buying the pocket version was so that I could listen to the radio whilst training for the Great North Run ... eventually ... I've got to apply for the ballot first!

I have to say, the quality of the stations was impressive. And I do mean was impressive, as today its coming up with the message "Station not available" for any station, so now I can't listen to the bloody thing.


Can we make anything that works properly any more???


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