Two down, one to go...

Woohoo, the second night of the play is now under our belts and what a corker it was!

All the things I did wrong last night were on my mind tonight, so I was constantly on edge, nerves jangling my system more than a rampant rabbit ever could: though there was no pleasure in this!!

The main piece that had me worried was my long bit with Hector as I really messed that up last night. However, we succeeded in getting it pretty much word perfect tonight and, when we both came off the stage, we were beaming like Cheshire Cats!

It probably helped that we had a really good audience that reacted appropriately to the play, laughing and gasping in all the right places. Getting that kind of feedback is great, as you feel the audience are really getting involved with the story, so it helps to bouy you along.

There is only one problem with having a good night: because you are on a high from it, the following night tends to run not quite so smoothly, whether due to complacency or over-confidence.

Fingers crossed we have a much better last night, especially as rumour has it that it is a sellout, which doesn't happen very often!

We were close to that tonight with 87 out of 100 seats sold* and I hear that tomorrow we may have to put out a maximum of another two rows in order to cater for the people that turn up on the door!

We're verging on being popular! :-)

* Henderson Hall isn't a big place, but its big enough when you're panicking!


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