Squeak That Again...

Whilst rehearsing for a play can occasionally be tiring, there is the odd occasion where we kind of lose all control ... tonight was just one of those nights.

We were about to go back over a scene for the second time when one of the other members walked past, making a sound not too unlike this one*.

Okay, looking back, it was one of those 'you had to be there' moments, but both Lawrence and I lost control ... it was at least fifteen minutes before we managed to get on with the rest of the scene without cracking up.

Childish? Yes, but incredibly funny at the time ... it must have something to do with not eating much today. That's my excuse!

Once again, I have small welts all over my body where I was pinching myself to stop from laughing. I'm starting to look like I'm developing Hives!

* Provided courtesy of Soundsnap.com - why not check out the other fart sounds?! Yes, I'm a big kid!!


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