In the early hours of 10 April, my maternal Grandmother passed away after a period of illness, aged 89 years. She was a tough little woman who raised 11 tough children, 24 grandchildren and over a dozen great-grandchildren who came together on 18 April to pay their respects and say their farewells.

The service was a really nice ceremony where my Uncle gave a fitting eulogy to the lady who held the family together ... and credit to him for managing to do so, I can only imagine how hard it was for him.

Buried with my Grandfather who passed away in 1988 aged 71, Grandma will be remembered with fondness, admiration and love by all who knew her.
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Ever since last Saturday, my stomache has been causing me some major problems in the bowel department, possibly caused by a combination of cheese and lemon curd (makes me feel ill all over again just thinking about it).

Luckily (though not apparent at the time), an 'accident' in that department a few years ago taught me to be more cautious, even when I think I'm feeling well. So, with several years of training under my belt, I can now be proud of the fact that I can clench my butt muscle closed tighter than a Scot's wallet ... though it does have its downsides ... it makes you walk funny.

However, there is only so much a body can take before it shrugs it's metaphorical shoulders with a "Oh well, I did my best" attitude, so I had to take action and forget about being in a public place.

With over 50 family members at my Nan's wake, it was totally impossible to leave for the gents, return, leave again with a plunger, then return, without being noticed. I won't be living this one down for a while.

The shame!


Cath said…
You know I can totally and utterly sympathise with this situation. It makes it worse when you are surrounded by people you know; least with strangers you don't have to see them again... hopefully!

I'm glad the day went otherwise "smoothly". All due respect to your Uncle for making a fitting tribute. I certainly wouldn't have been able to. I was in bits at my grandads funeral a few years back.

Your Grandma sounds like an incredible woman.


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