Missed Opportunity

Tesco, the British Bulldog of supermarkets are something of a business success story when it comes to making profit. What they don't tell you is how successful they are in other areas, such as teaching new skills.

Thanks to their Fish Nigiri pack, I have now become pretty nifty with a pair of chopsticks and should soon be catching the flies lurking round the office Karate Kid stylee ... lets hope I have better luck than I did with the 12-inch name plaque that nearly disappeared out the window.
* * * * *
One of the positive aspects of working in an office two floors over a busy high street, apart from having a great view (especially in the hot weather ;-), is the protection afforded by distance.

It seems that, despite the lack of rain over the past few weeks, the drain across the road had become blocked, so the local council brought out what must have been it's biggest sludge-sucker to take care of business. If it wasn't for the fact that the machine was operated by a woman, I would have suggested that they were compensating for something: instead I might offer the suggestion that she was lacking something in her life, judging by the way she handled that 12-inch wide hose.

All seemed to be going well, until the point another woman and her young daughter decided to walk past in their nice, clean clothes. As we all know, clean clothes are muck-magnets, in much the same way as children are ink-magnets: ever hidden a pen from a child? Try it ... you'll see what I mean.

With a hiccup that made Big Bertha shudder (I'm talking about the machine, not the operator), the drain suddenly shot several globules of mulchy sludge twenty feet into the air, which then curved gracefully over the pavement and rained down ... on the spot where the young girl had been moments before!

Soooooooooo close! Could have got £250 for that at YBF!


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