Visit Tring - It's Exciting!

Yes, they've hit double figures ... and you thought small town life was boring! Shame on you!


Foshie said…
Thats not exactly true is it - it says 'numbers double', so in fact there could have been just one person, and now there are two !

Sorry to be picky, but you know I do it so well !
Odd Thomas said…
Yes, I know what it means!! It was an attempt at humour that obviously fell flat!
Cath said…
Maybe Tring's just full of heathens. Watford is! My friend is having to read a chapter of the bible and be tested on it just so they can have their daughter Christened. Apparently it's not enough that they attend church nearly every week.
Odd Thomas said…
The things we put ourselves through for our kids!

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