Women and Chocolate

So, according to that wonderful bunch, The Scientists (this time of The Mind Lab), women prefer chocolate to kissing.

Well, who'da thunk it?! No surprises there really, was there?!

Was there??

In fairness, they did say that there was an equal reaction in the guys, but they're not known for their chocolate addiction as much as the ladies!

If this means that chocolate is more appealing, then either it really is more addictive than physical
passion or the ladies just aren't getting the right attention from their guys ... but then they haven't met me yet ;-)
* * * * *
Despite still having a dodgy tum this morning from something I ate Saturday (I'm putting it down to the lemon curd), I went into work this morning and brightened up some when I saw I had a package waiting for me. I love receiving parcels through the post - it gives me a good reason to spend money :-D

There was only one thing it could be: the cards I had ordered with my Flickr details on had arrived.

I had hoped to have darkened the image enough so as not to get any burnout, but it seems I didn't quite do it enough, as much of the detail in the middle of the dandelion has gone :-(

At least I put on there 'Amateur Photographer' so there won't be any high expectations!!


Cath said…
Stop selling yourself so low! And no, I don't mean it like that!!!
OddThomas said…
Its not selling myself low, its being realistic :-)

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