Going Grey...

So far, I've been pretty lucky insofar as grey hair goes ... I don't have any ... at least, not that are really noticeable. Perhaps there are a few 'light' strands that become apparent when I haven't had a hair cut in a while, but nothing particularly obvious as I have fair hair anyway. Thankfully, I take after my Mum's side of the family for this, though Mother Nature did see fit to make up for this by ensuring a steadily retreating hairline, so I can instead look forward to a Patrick Stewart dome at some point in the future! As you can see here, I'm already well on my way!

Oh well, such is life.

Mind you, there are far worst places to go grey/white that don't get balder as you get older, such as the chest or, heaven forbid, the area safely concealed beneath the undercrackers. What could be worse for a girl than meeting a guy who looks reasonably young, only to find a field of white fuzz resembling a mouldy strawberry, hiding beneath a carefully chosen outfit*?!

So imagine my shock when I pay a hasty visit to the gents - too many energy drinks again - only to look down and see a thick white strand protruding from the gap in my trousers. This was not on. No way was I going to have my first serious white hair appearing in the procreation department!

As any sane person would, I quickly and firmly grasped the hair and pulled, only to find it was actually a piece of cotton from my boxers :$

They won't be pulling that trick on me again!

* Midlife crisis not withstanding


Cath said…
I'm glad it was a thread because that would have made your eyes water a bit!!!

It's probably being out in the sun that's made your hair a bit lighter too. Mine goes lighter if I'm out alot.

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