This week, I 'ave mostly been wearing restraints! *

And before anyone comments, get your minds out of the gutter! We'll be having no innuendo here, thank you...

This past week has been a bit of a strained one, which is a good reason for my not blogging since last Friday, otherwise you would end up reading the rants of Victor Meldrew ... and I'm a bit young for that role at the moment. At least, I would like to think so!

Last weekend, I was supposed to head off to see my family prior to my birthday, but what with my lack of studying over the past few weeks, it took me until Sunday afternoon to finish studying the relevant units and get the assignment done and posted**.

My cousin and his fiancé went into London for the day on Sunday*** and I said I might join them, but it was getting a bit late by the time the assignment was complete, so I dragged my mate Foshie into town instead and we had a wander about. It wasn't until bank holiday Monday that I helped him buy the Nintendo Wii - he was already thinking about it anyway, he just needed to be plonked in a shop that stocked them :-D

This, of course, meant testing all the games that came in the package, for the rest of the day ;-)

So, as you can see, the bank holiday weekend was pretty good ... other than stressing over the assignment, which was more than offset by Wii Sports Boxing.

Tuesday, and it was back to work and a return to the frustrations that plague my working day at the moment.

I had to go to a customer site in Leeds, where I discovered that the training given by my boss' wife in the use of the CMS software was woefully inadequate, and nobody there had the drive, passion or responsibility to ensure that the new website was going to support the business. Add to this some pay issues between my boss and the two colleagues that leave today, and my return journey was not a happy one ... its not a good idea to be driving nearly 200 miles when you're stewing over things and mentally disappearing into la-la land!

Wednesday then brings the revelation that I had been stitched up by the boss who told the customer that an estimate was still with me, but which I had responded to on 8 May! So having to apologise to the customer for my lack of action and passing him back to the boss to get costs kind of irked me somewhat.

Hence the reason for the restraints!

*Sighs and counts from 10 to 1*

Anyway, calm now! I guess I may have just earned the Victor Meldrew award for short fuses!
* * * * *
If you fancy watching a good film, try to get hold of 12 and Holding.

I have a tendency to pick up films that have recommendation stars all over them, and half the time end up disagree-ing with the verdict. However, this time, I do agree with them, and this is definitely on my list of favourite films.

It is a very good, sensitively-handled film about three kids growing up, and has been called the Stand By Me for the next generation - why is everything 'next gen'?!
* * * * *
Well, today is the final day of two of my work colleagues, JM and GB, the two that had the pay issue earlier this week ... funny that ...

Whilst I will still be seeing JM as he lives nearby, GB is off to the Americas to be with his wife, so tonight will probably be a good old knees-up down the local. Whilst the knees-up won't be along the lines of a good old-fashioned sing-a-long round a piano, with old east-enders warbling 'Pack up your troubles' whilst swigging from tankards of beer, there should still be much in the way of alcohol, funny stories and, inevitably, a few tears.

Good luck for the future, guys!

* Okay, not really, but this tweak to the phrase coined by Jesse of the Fast Show hopefully shows how close I've been to knocking someone's block off!
** A big thumbs up to Royal Mail for their online postage payment scheme, here.
*** Which is when my washing machine broke for the FOURTH time.
† No office furniture was hurt during the making of this blog


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