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You can tell a good game by how compelled you are to have 'Just one more go' and, ultimately, how much sleep you have. Whilst this is a good thing for the game and its developers/publishers, its not so good when you're supposed to be doing more important things, like studying. Or sleeping.

Due to some work I was doing for my cousin - for which I am totally lacking any kind of inspiration at the moment - I didn't arrive home until gone 11pm last Thursday. However, no sooner was I through the door, I was undressed and curled up in bed ... with the new Burnout:Dominator loaded onto the PSP! I really needed to sleep, but had to have just one more go...

Three hours later and my need to sleep finally got the better of me!

At least if a game doesn't keep you hooked, there are some stores that provide the option of trading in for something else. Its a shame you can't do the same with movies when you go to the cinema: I wouldn't mind getting my money back for the abysmal car crash of a film, Spiderman 3.

Why on earth they didn't get Bryan Singer in to direct this latest comic-fest, I don't know, but in my humble opinion, it suffered for it. I get what they were trying to do, with Peter Parker getting a high for being popular and MJ moping because she wasn't getting the attention she wanted, but there was faaaaaaaaaaaar too much of it. It was probably trying to appeal to the girlies, but even they found it nauseous - certainly the ones in our auditorium were not impressed.

And whoever edited the film should be fired! What muppet interrupts a scene with a 15 second shot of something completely unrelated, then returns to carry on with the same scene?! Its very jarring when they do that ... and very amateur. Get the trainees out of the production studio!!

The mood at the end of the film was summed up by the complete lack of soundtrack as the credits rolled - possibly even the film operator was fed up of having to sit through that all over again.

Very disappointing.
* * * * *
Saturday was my niece's birthday and whilst I had already bought a fair amount of stuff, I still had £18 left to spend and wanted to get a bundle of little things to make it look like she was getting a lot of presents.

As the weather wasn't all that great, I decided to drive into town and passed a horse and carriage taking a bride to the church ... though why she felt the need to go up St Albans Road, I can only wonder!

Due to driving at the time, I couldn't take a pic without being leaped on by the local bobbys. However, by some stroke of luck, the bride was milking her fancy trip to the church and passed through the centre of town, where I managed to grab this snapshot.

About half-an-hour later, the heavens opened and the town ended up under several large puddles. Lets hope the bridge and groom weren't in the middle of the photo-shoot!

As is usual when using my camera-phone, I got the timing wrong and chopped off the horses' noses: I guess nobody will be leading them to water any time soon ... boom boom.
* * * * *
Sunday, I travelled to see my niece to give her the presents that I had bought, somehow managing to leave at 5:40 am: I can't even get up that time on a weekday - if I have any more alarms in my place, I'll be able to start collecting ASBOs.

As always, I stopped off at some services at the halfway point, bought some red bull and chocolate - not the most healthy breakfast around,

I know, but it keeps me going - and returned to my car to see this nice little motor parked a couple of spaces away. I believe it is a Caterham 7, but I'm not exactly full of car knowledge so don't take my word for it.

I think the highlight of the day though, has to be my niece. Giving her the presents this weekend was a totally different experience to Christmas where she refused to say thank you and threw a tantrum when my sis tried to make her: my sis was mortified and felt she had to apologise for her daughter's rudeness.

This time, however, she said thanks for every present, was cheerful, and even came to say goodbye to me before she left for home. My guess is she just wasn't tired this time!!
* * * * *
Because of getting everything all mixed up this weekend, I ended up having yesterday off work to get my car serviced*. Although it didn't need a full service, I asked for one anyway just so I could have peace of mind: I get these little niggles sometimes that can only be calmed by going OTT.

Whilst waiting for my baby to be sorted, I decided to have a look around at a few other cars to see what I could persuade myself to buy next. Across the road from the dealership and service centre was a Mazda garage where I took a look at the 3s and RX-8s.

I used to like the idea of owning one of the new MX-5s, but too many people commented on it being a hair-dresser's car, despite the beefier looks, so I have been put off owning one now, which must be a good thing when they come with number plates like this one:

I definitely won't be getting one now!

It took all day, but eventually I heard from the garage and it turned out my car was perfect - well, as perfect as a 6-year-old car with the first signs of rust patches can be - so at least I shouldn't have anything to worry about ... I hope I haven't just tempted fate!!!
* * * * *

Just nipped to the gents and who should be out in the hallway but the young lady who once smiled at me ... and she smiled at me again. :-)

Mind you, it was probably in the knowledge that she won't have to look at me again due to the company she works for moving offices!

Ah well, made my day.

* If you want to buy a Ford or get your Ford serviced, I really have to recommend Clevedon Garages in North Somerset. Out of all the Ford places I have been involved with, this is by far the best: they are thorough, friendly and reliable. There's a good chance I'll be getting my next car from them.


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