Musical Nephew

All kids have a unique talent of some description that everyone will find cute for at least the first two or three times.

At the moment, my nephew's unique talent is mimicking the crazy, moving eyes in his monster books. I just hope he doesn't do it in front of his teachers as they will probably think he's having a seizure and rush him to hospital sharpish.

However, if there is one talent common to all kids, its the expert way they can play the heart strings: they should have their own section in the BBC Philharmonic. Last night at the Proms would never be the same again.

Yesterday, I visited my little Sis and her family for an hour or so, to say hi and pick up a book I had loaned to one of her friends. My niece had disappeared off to a friend's birthday party for the day, so there was no sibling rivalry for attention this time.

My brother-in-law had put together a slideshow of the pics he had taken of his friend's wedding, so I took a look at that ... just a little hint of envy creeping in(!!) ... before heading back to my parent's for dinner.

We'd only been back about 10 minutes when the phone rang and my Dad passed it over to me. At first I thought it was my Sis, but then this little voice piped up: "You didn't say goodbye".

It was one of those moments where you realise you've just made a BIG mistake ... like accidentally wiping all the contacts off your phone!

Or writing a suggestive text to a girl you've been flirting with and hearing it arrive on your Mum's phone because your phone remembered the last number you used!*

I haven't felt that bad since I missed my niece's ballet performance two years ago. This was then compounded by Little Spud** thanking me for the scone and giving the ultimate "I love you" string tugger!

I haven't grovelled like that in a while.

Okay, my Sis was probably prompting him, but it worked. I won't be forgetting to say goodbye again!!

* If this ever happens to you, don't lie ... unless you're really, really proficient at it!
** As Little Spud is my nephew and is the spitting image of his Dad, I'm gonna call my brother-in-law Big Spud from now on. I just hope he doesn't find out!


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