One Down, Two To Go

Well, the opening night of the play is now done and dusted ... two more nights left and we get to pull the set down!

Actually, the thing I am really looking forward to is getting my hair cut.  Whilst it is not long as such at the moment, it is a lot longer than I would normally have it so that I can look vaguely 70s for the play.  Though as one person mentioned, in my purple suit and glasses I looked like Graeme Garden from The Goodies!!

Well, finally, the nerves hit tonight.  I was hoping they would kick in long before this so that I would at least be able to get over making any mistakes but they seem to have picked tonight to start playing around with my head.  There was one point where I started thinking too much about my next line and ending up having a mental block, but thankfully managed to work around it.  Not sure how though ... I can't remember exactly what I said!

So, two more nights to go.  I guess I'd best go and get some sleep so I'm not yawning my way through it!!


Cath said…
Glad it went well :-)

I was going to able down but I'm still feeling incredibly pants.

Break a leg for the next two night!
OddThomas said…
No worries, it can be hard concentrating on even funny things when you're not in the best of health. Hope you improve soon.

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